Violet [vahy-uh-lit] Viņ. Italian. 23. In love with Jason Mraz (Summer 2008, hope it last) and with photoshop. Obsessed with baskeball, but she can't play at all. Canappia Lover. Tv shows addicted (Lost, Heroes, House, Greek, Skins, Prison break, Gossip girl, Grey's anatomy, Gilmore girls, Brothers & Sisters, Supernatural, Friday night lights, Chuck ...) but her heart belongs to Donnie Darko <3. Random music (but currently obsessed with Mraz!) and waiting for her wizard of ooh's and ah's and fa la la's.


if you are what you eat
in my case I'll be sweet

« I do not answer the call if
I do not know who is calling
I guess the whole point of it all is
That we never know really »