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2 June 2011

I don't even know why I decided to update this site (it was probably because I needed to try something new in the web desing thing). So here we go, ne desing, not much to say.

08 november 2008

After a lot of months (I know!) I'm here with a little update. I've adopted out the music video of 30stm fanlisting and you can find it here. Also, I've made a new fanlisting: The Alexander Mahone & Michael Scofield relationship fanlisting! I'm so proud of it, not really because of the layout but just because I love them so much <3 you can find the fanlisting here: running.
Last but not least, a new layout with the lovely Mary-Kate Olsen! I still love House & 13 (Lucky 13 <3), but the layout was old and I'm trying to update all my websites lately!
Thanks for the attention, see you in another life brother!


04 February 2008

Hi everyone, I'm here to post some of my new fanlistings (I would like to thank <3). So, here they are: Casey and Cappie ralationship (from Greek), Chuck and Jenny relationship (from Gossip Girl) - I'm probably the only one ho love them but who cares! XD -, Noah and Julie relationship (from Friday Night Lights).
Probably I've added some new joined fanlisting, but I dont' really remeber which one.

12 December 2007

Here we are with a new version of The skin effect (v11). I'm soooo in love with House and, even more, of House & Thirteen <3. I also try to write in english but my english is so bad ;__; if you find some error (and you will find XD) could you please correct me? I really really want to learn it well.
I've added some new fanlistings in the joined section and a lot of new layout for my fanlistings. I've applied for the fanlisting for the character of Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl) and for the one of the character of Cooper Freedman (Private practice), but someonelse get it Y_Y. I've also applied for the fanlisting for the relationship between Jenny Humphrey & Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl) and for the fanlisting for the relationship between Julie Taylor & Noah Barnett (Friday Night Lights - I hope to see Noah soon because I love that character and they can't send him away ;__;); I hope I can get them soon <3.
For everything else: email-me.